Rising Demand For Commercial And Residential Property in Delhi

Delhi is not only the capital of India but is a dream destination for people of all age groups to settle down. It is a place which is well liked by everybody due to reasons like excellent infrastructure, high per capita income, more job opportunities and good connectivity to major national and international cities. It is quite obvious that if a particular place is liked by people, the demand for the property is sure to rise.

Changing Scenario

Since large numbers of MNCs and BPOs are functional and more are coming up in Delhi and its adjoining areas, this has led to an increased demand for commercial real estate. Obviously with the establishment of more companies, there is an influx of people from all over the country to settle in Delhi for their bread and butter. Here, arises the need for a proper accommodation, which in -turn has resulted in the demand for residential plot/flats in Delhi. Also a large number of educational institutes have opened up in Delhi, encouraging students from various parts of India every year to study here. With demand for residential properties on the rise as a result of this as well, the upward trend is continuing unabated.

The demand for commercial property is also at its peak due to the opening of more and more shops, multi storied complexes and shopping malls, which were earlier a prominent feature of Delhi’s adjoining areas i.e. Gurgaon, Noida etc. In addition, more and more hotels are coming up, which has boosted the demand for space in order to run their business.

Obviously, due to such demand for both residential and commercial property and scarcity of land in comparison to the inhabitants, the prices of the property have been skyrocketing. But, how do you go about searching for a property? The best possible way is to look through the classified ads in the newspaper/ online directories or contact the property dealers who could help you in finding the property which suits your needs and requirements.


One thought on “Rising Demand For Commercial And Residential Property in Delhi

  1. Well, while people go for buying a property, they generally see the location first and then other aspects. If one is considering Delhi, which is known for posh public then, I think the demand is likely to increase. Its a fact!

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