Landlord Tenant Act: Fact and Information

The Landlord Tenant Act was introduced by the government to eliminate the exploitation of tenants by landlords. Rent legislation tends to providing payment of fair rent to landlords and protection of tenants against eviction. The landlord tenant act has created many issues like languishing investment in rental housing, withdrawing of existing housing stock from the rental market.

Important Aspects To Consider

To refrain from future problems, both Landlord and tenant must read the language and terms & conditions of the agreement. Sometimes the tenants violate the act intentionally or unintentionally. The land owner should be careful while interacting with tenants who violate the act. The biggest reason for tenants violating the act is the rent, as they are expected to pay the rent on or before due date. In this case, the property owners have full right to exercise their power and take proper action against the tenant, if he/she does not make the payment on time. When tenant fails to pay the rent or does not give response, the landlord can terminate the agreement immediately. This can be an issue as under few laws, landlord cannot sue the tenant after terminating the agreement.

In some situations, terminating the agreement can be counted as a clever decision. Most of the times in such cases, tenants are left with only one option i.e. filing a bankruptcy case against the landholder. These acts define the role and responsibility of both parties towards each other and there are subtle variations in the rental acts from state to state, defining the responsibilities clearly to maintain a stable relationship between both parties.

In case a dispute does arise, then the parties should consult only an experienced legal expert as sometimes the clauses in the Landlord Tenant Act are difficult to understand and the landlord/tenant may end up losing the case for no reason at all.

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