Lease Terms That You Should Never Accept

Leasing is quite a complex process when it comes to the documentation processes related to it. The documentation involved in lease is a must-to-be-implemented process, and should never be ignored or taken casually. In today’s scenario, it is highly important to have everything in writing. The papers signed at the time of seeking or giving leasing commitment, act as valid proof and agreement.

Leasing Documents may have plenty of conditions which may not prove to be beneficial for you. Here is a list of terms you should never readily accept:

‘You-Can-Trust-Me’ Types:

Never trust a landlord or any agent who asks you to rely on verbal commitment, addressing trust factor. Every term which is related to your lease needs to be mentioned in writing, as a document of agreement. Never rely on oral promises applicable for future. Any renewal options put forth should be first written in the original lease documents; otherwise they don’t have any validation.

Legal Rights Must Be Forfeited:

An agreement sometimes tricks or forces you to give up certain rights. Always be aware of such traps and never give up your right to take legal action against a landlord.

Avoid The Same Lease For More Than Two Years:

Don’t remain stuck up with a long-term lease. It often proves to be an awful burden. In case you need to break the lease due to any reason, you will have to keep paying on the lease until the landlord rents the same place to any other party.

Signing an agreement based on terms and conditions related to leasing property proves to be quite a crucial task. Taking professional advice from your legal adviser is a good option. But it is always better to sign an agreement you understand, with a landlord you feel is honest and trustworthy.


5 thoughts on “Lease Terms That You Should Never Accept

  1. Great article, Customer must be aware of their rights otherwise they can be cheated. Always check the space you are leasing yourself.

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