Real Estate Investment In India

After agriculture industry, the sector that is considered as the biggest employment generator in India is Real Estate. In past one decade, the Real Estate Sector in India has flourished like never before and investors can now very easily purchase the property of their choice in almost any part of the country. There are several factors such as constantly increasing purchasing power, favorable demographics, tax reform measures, significant inflow of foreign funds, liberalized legislative framework, growth of customer-friendly banks & financial institutions, etc. that have contributed to such flexibility in Real Estate Investment In India.

Thanks to the broad spectrum of transforms taking place in the Real Estate Sector in addition to the several other projected improvements majorly including computerization of property records, rectifications in taxation structure, elimination of tenancy laws, etc., India is today counted amid the most profitable destinations for people in Real Estate Sector. The result is that the developers, builders and investors these days can explore as many as possible opportunities to invest in Real Estate Sector in India.

Today, the Real Estate Investment in India is termed as unquestionably incredible. The investment opportunities are not only restricted to the people living in the country only but to Non Resident Indians (NRIs) as well. Of late the Indian Government permitted the NRIs to make investment up to 100% (Foreign Direct Investment) in Housing Sector for the creation of urbanized residential premises, expansion of serviced plots, as well as development of commercial properties such as offices, townships, etc.

The Real Estate Investment In India can be divided in two segments namely investment in the residential space and investment in commercial space. Approximately 80 % of the Real Estate developed by the builders is residential space and what remains consists of shopping malls, offices, retail shops, hotels and hospitals.

The present of Real Estate Sector in India is bright and so is the future. Investment made in Real Estate whether residential or commercial is sure to provide expected high return on investment as well as the prospect of property appreciation. People from all the strata can now, without any fear, invest in Real Estate Sector.


One thought on “Real Estate Investment In India

  1. Thanks to share these great tips to invest in real estate market. I have been hearing a lot of invest in real estate industry but not sure in Indian property market, this post can provide us a lot of information to invest at property in India.

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