What Makes Noida Special

Here’s something that might take you aback. Noida is on the brink of saturation as far as availability of commercial office space is concerned. At the same time, this strongly indicates that Noida has something special alluring national and multinational companies, Real Estate Developers and buyers alike. Noida is a hub of IT/ITeS companies and BPOs. It has Film City that houses some of the most prestigious news channels and studios of the country. Prices of properties are skyrocketing still demand remains unabated. What makes Noida so special? The following section briefly decodes it for you.

  • Strategic location of Noida in close proximity to national capital Delhi gives it many advantages. Commercially and residentially, it automatically becomes a preference for those stay in on Noida and work in Delhi or vice versa.
  • Noida has excellent connectivity both intercity and intra-city. DND (Delhi-Noida-Delhi) Flyway connects Noida to Delhi, Noida-Greater Noida (NGN) Expressway bridges the distance between Noida and Greater Noida, and the recently constructed Yamuna Expressway links Noida with Agra via Mathura. As such a location in Noida is well-connected in all directions and offers ample scope for trade and commerce.
  • Even the road network in Noida is excellent. The same can be said about infrastructural facilities in Noida. Metro connectivity has made many parts of Noida easily accessible within minutes when you start from national capital.
  • One of the major reasons why Noida is highly valued by industrialists is because of availability of employable workforce. Although properties can be very costly in this city yet there are pockets offering affordable housings thus keeping the region flourishing with hustle bustle of life.

From the limited facts stated above, one common inference that can be drawn is that city is on the track of progress, has already gained much ground and promises a lot in near future. Investing in properties in Noida can bring huge rewards and that too quite quickly. There are a number of under construction projects that will be ready in due course of time adding more value and beauty to this city.


One thought on “What Makes Noida Special

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